Thursday, June 19, 2014

HIDDEN by Marianne Curley.  New York:  Bloomsbury Children’s Books., 2013.  325p.  978-1-59990-840-3;  hc.,  $17.99.    Gr.6 & up   YAF
      For as long as she can remember, Ebony has had the uncomfortable feeling that her overprotective parents are strangers. Now sixteen, she often looks in the mirror and feels that she is a stranger to herself. Bewildering changes have begun to occur on her body and her hair changes color with her emotions. Frightened by the weird growths with feathers poking out which have suddenly appeared on her shoulders, she looks to her parents for answers to the questions swirling in her head and finally, the answers to her true identity.  Instead of giving her assurance and answers, they become frightened and warn her not to ask questions.
 When there is fire and explosion at the family farmhouse, Ebony’s parents are presumed dead and she is offered a home with her close friend Amber’s family, who welcome her with kindness and caring.  Unfortunately  Ebony soon discovers that there is no safe haven for her. Luca, the dark prince wants Ebony’s soul, confusing her with his lies and trickery. Her friend Jordan feels a strong attraction to Ebony, and handsome magnetic Nathaneal comes to protect her and fight the dark forces as she falls in love with him. Readers will be on alert for a sequel of this satisfying, if somewhat intricate story. Curley has created characters and a story that teens will enjoy.
Barbara Ward, Retired Children’s Librarian, Dickinson County Library

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