Monday, February 9, 2015

A VIOLIN FOR ELVA by Mary Lyn Ray. Illus. by Tricia Tusa. New York: Houghton
MifflinHarcourt Publishing Company, 2015. 32p. ISBN: 978-0-15-225483-4 hc. $16.99.
Pre-S-Gr.3   E PIC
     This is a wonderful story about how it is never too late to pursue and achieve 
a dream.  Elva hears the violin one day and is so enchanted by it, she wants to make
it her own.  Her parents don't understand, so she uses her imagination during every 
day tasks such as brushing her teeth.  As Elva grows, that magical imagination of 
hers begins to wane; she is a busy adult with a job and responsibilities.  Her love 
for music still sparks inside her, and Elva begins to take small steps towards 
achieving her childhood dream of playing the violin and realizes one is never to 
old to make a dream come true.  Beautiful soft watercolor illustrations tell Elva's 
story and make her music come alive. 
     Emily Cummings, Children's Specialist, Dickinson County Library

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