Tuesday, August 8, 2017

SEVEN RULES YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT BREAK IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE THE CAFETERIA by John Grandits.  Ilus. by Michael allen Austin.  New York:  Clarion Books, 2017.  32p.  ISBN: 978-05446951-9 hc, $16.99     Gr. K-3      E PIC

On the very first day that Kyle decided to buy his lunch from the cafeteria, he was trapped on the bus listening to his friend Ginny's seven rules of eating in the cafeteria.  He didn't like to break rules, so he listened carefully.  Then, during lunch, he broke every rule.  He held up the line, took too many food items, didn't know how to pay, dropped his tray, couldn't find where his friends were sitting, and got in trouble with the lunch lady.  After that, Kyle decided not to listen to Ginny and made his own rules about how to "survive the cafeteria."  Not only is this sequential story an adventure,  it's illustrations feature very expressive faces and body language on the characters. Austin also adds a new element to the story by turning  Kyle into a kid who loves insects and can always be found with his bug book.  Ginny is drawn as a cricket because of her constant chattering on the bus, classmates become ants in line marching to the cafeteria, and Kyle turns into a snail while holding up the cafeteria line.  Very creative!  Read this book to school age children for the smooth storytelling and great illustrations.
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI

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