Sunday, February 24, 2019

12 LUCKY ANIMALS: A Bilingual Baby Book by Vickie Lee.  Illus. Joey Chou.  New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2018.  ISBN 978-1250-184245 board bk. $7.99     Pre-K    JUV

Celebrate the Chinese New Year bilingually, with a board book in English and Chinese.  Lee introduces readers to the zodiac of astral animals in a twelve year cycle of personality traits.  Beginning with the rat, ox, and tiger, the book names each animal in English, in Chinese, and offers a phonetic version of the Chinese character (for English speakers).  The illustrations picture each animal alongside its name, opposite a full-view of the colorful creatures.  The layout is simple, but effective.  In addition to reading this book to babies and preschoolers, it's fun for older readers to compare themselves to the personality traits describing each zodiac sign.
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI

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