Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Clarion Books has two new titles from author / illustrators who know how they want their stories presented.  There's a bit of magic in both, and the results are a pleasant surprise.

SUN by Alison Oliver.  New York: Clarion Books, 2019  32p.  ISBN 978-1328781628 hc. $17.99    PreS - Gr. 2    E PIC

Sun loved the game of soccer.  He was a very good player, and he loved cheers from the spectators.   His brother was an artist - creative all the time.  When Sun wasn't playing soccer, he felt like something was missing from his life.  He went on a walk, noticing nature's artistic creations, and met a fox.  They ran; they swam; they found recyclables on the beach, and used those materials to make art together.  There's inspiration and contentment in finding a balance of activities in life.  The author is promoting the arts with this story, as it certainly influenced her to become a writer and illustrate her own book.

LOTTIE AND WALTER by Anna Walker.  New York:  Clarion Books, 2019  32p. ISBN 978-1328470386 hc. $17.99  PreS - Gr. 2     E PIC

Lottie has been enrolled in swim lessons at the local pool for quite awhile, but she refuses to enter the water.  Would you jump in if there was a shark at the bottom of the pool waiting to eat you?  Almost at the point of giving up, Lottie gets a visit from Walter, the walrus, who is not afraid of sharks.  He also has loads of great ideas.  The day finally arrives when Lottie finds the courage to jump into the pool, thanks to the new confidence gained from her acquaintance with Walter.
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI.

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