Friday, February 28, 2020

HER FEARLESS RUN: KATHRINE SWITZER'S HISTORIC BOSTON MARATHON by Kim Chaffee.  Illus. by Ellen Rooney.  Salen, MA:  Page Street Publishing, 2019. 40p.  ISBN: 978-162414654-1 hc. $17.99      Gr. 3-5     J 921

In 1959, girls weren't supposed to sweat or compete in sports because they were viewed as fragile.  But that didn't stop Kathrine Switzer.  She ran as a child.  In college, she practiced with the men's teams because there weren't any women's teams.  There she learned about the Boston Marathon.  At this point in history, only men had officially run the 26 mile course.  Again, that didn't stop Kathrine.  She signed up as the only woman with an official number.  Kathrine's determination to compete in a marathon proved that girls are just as capable as boys.  This wonderful book sows that if you persevere, you can accomplish great things.  The author's note shares background info on the historic 1967 race.
Jolene Hetherington, Advisory Board Member, Munising School Public Library

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