Friday, March 13, 2020

IT'S NOT HANSEL AND GRETEL by Josh Funk.  Illus. by Edwardian Taylor.  New York: Two Lions, 2019.  32p.  ISBN: 978-1503902947 hc. $17.99.     Gr. K-3    E PIC

Funk starts with the typical "Hansel and Gretel" story, but then fractures this fairy tale when Hansel and Gretel take over the book with their hilarious banter with the narrator.  The author brings the story into the 21st century when Gretel complains that Hansel is always first and he's the one in the cage, while she has to clean for the witch.  Gretel's complaints change the tenor of the story.  Children and adults with both find humor in changes made to the original writing.  The bold illustrations and conversation bubbles add to the frantic pace of the story.
Jolene Hetherington, Advisory Board Member, Munising School Public Library

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