Monday, June 1, 2020

BOXITECTS by Kim Smith. New York: Clarion Books, 2020. 32p. ISBN 978-132847720-0 hc. $17.99     PreS-Gr. 2     E PIC

Meg was a builder.  She used cardboard boxes and her imagination to construct things large and small.  Her whole classroom was filled with builders who used other kinds of construction materials, such as egg cartons, tin foil, paper, and pasta.  Meg found a niche in her classroom as a boxitect and strived to be a better builder each day.  Her world began to crack when Simone, who was also a talented boxitect, joined the classroom.  Instead of working together, they argued and competed with each other, which ultimately resulted in failure for both.  After ruining their projects, they had a change of heart and decided to work together, learn from each other, and let their imaginations run free.  The final four pages provide step-by-step directions on making playtime structures from cardboard boxes. 
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI

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