Monday, February 8, 2021

OUR FRIEND HEDGEHOG: The Story of Us by Lauren Castillo. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2020. 110p.  ISBN 978-1524766071-9 hc. $16.99      Gr. 2-3     JFIC

When Hedgehog loses Mutty in a windstorm, he sets out to find the treasured stuffed animal.  The journey takes him through the underground home of Mole, to the treetop home of Owl, across the river to Beaver’s dam, into the meadow where Chicken was collecting found items, and straight to the house of Annika Mae.  The trail of clues led to Mutty, Hedgehog’s best friend.  His world had expanded, and he realized how lucky the adventure has been.  My favorite line comes from Beaver when Owl tells him he has to give the group a scarf  he found (Mutty's scarf) or help them with their quest.  He says, “I don’t have to do either of those things.”  The perfect answer for an unreasonable request that can be applied to many personal interactions.
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI

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