Wednesday, September 11, 2013

     Just finished two readers in the Urgency Emergency series by Dosh Archer.  The books begin at the hospital with a patient receiving treatment when the ambulance arrives.  The new patients are characters from a nursery rhyme or folktale who use their background information to create a new story. 
     ITSY BITSY SPIDER (title and main character) was washed down the spout and found, with a large laceration, by none other than Miss Muffett.  After a few stitches, the Itsy Bitsy Spider is as good as new and goes home with Miss Muffett who is working on her fear of spiders.
     BIG BAD WOLF begins with a choking victim who, upon visual inspection of the throat, has swallowed something whole.  Several applications of the Heimlich Maneuver produce Grandma (from Little Red Riding Hood) who is "damp and a bit chewed around the edges, but otherwise OK."  The hospital team calls the police for the Big Bad Wolf and discharges Grandma back home.
     There are four more books in the series and I hope to read every one of them, as they are entertaining and creative.  They would make writing prompts in the classroom and make a good choice for new readers with simple text and illustrations. 

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