Friday, December 20, 2013

The Year Comes Round: Haiku Through the Seasons. Sid Farrara, author.
Illustrated by Ilse Plume. 32 Pages. Picture book for K-2.

Having never read children's poetry, I was pleased to open the first page
and find "Each windowpane's a / masterpiece, personally / Jack Frost" With
a lovely view of a wondow with four panes and each indeed a wonderful
masterpiece. And so the poetry goes through a year of months and seasons
with a good deal of humor for the child to enjoy. A snowman hoping the
noon sun doesn't notice him, a wily robin asking a worm to her nest to
meet her family and a bear who quickly leaves when skunk invites himself
in are sampling of the themes. There is an explanation of Haiku at the end
of the book.  There are also useful explanations of each season and the
earth's rotation of the sun providing a teacher or parent an opportunity
to talk about seasonal phenomena, like why the sun is warmer and days
longer in the summer.  Charming illustrations by Caldecott  winner, Ilse
Plume, will delight the child and adult. This book is perfect!

Susie Rohrbough
Accordionist and Librarian at large

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