Monday, December 23, 2013

Non-Fiction Nuggets

HOW SMALL IS SMALL: COMPARING BODY PARTS by Vic Parker, Illustrator: Victoria Allen.
Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2011. 32 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4329-3960-1   Grades 5 and up
Illustrated with both people and drawings, this book explains how to measure the average body.  How children become larger than babies, but not yet as large as adults. How the body measurements relate to self: usually the length of your big toe 5 times equals the length of your foot; your shoulders are as wide as two hand spans, etc. Includes fun activities, brief quiz, glossary, additional reading list and websites.
Joanne Weber, Volunteer, Munising School Public Library

WHICH IS ROUND? WHICH IS BIGGER? by Mineko Mamada.  New York:  Kids Can Press, Ltd., 2013.  25p.   ISBN 978-1-55453-973-4 hc., $16.95.    PreS-Gr.3    NF J516.15
Children are presented with easy choices in Mamada’s concept book. But are they as easy as they seem? Which is red, the watermelon or the apple? The apple of will be the simple, apparent answer chorused by children. But turn the page and a different choice is revealed. The apple, eaten to the core is no longer red; a sliced watermelon now reveals red.  Simple, bright illustrations and the repetitive text enforce the concept, encourage greater observation and thinking as well as opportunities for discussion. This small offering will be worn out quickly. Sizeable libraries will want an additional copy.
Barbara Ward, Dickinson County Library, Children’s Librarian, Retired

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