Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Non-Fiction Continues...

GROUND ZERO DOGS by Meish Goldish. New York: Bearport Publishing, 2013. 31pages.
ISBN: 978-1-61772-576-0   Juv.
The book begins with the first plan crashing into the World Trade Center on 9-11, and the story of how 2 guide dogs, Salty and Rosie,  led their owners down stairs to safety. Salty led his owner down 71 floors in the dark.  The focus then shifts to the role which search and rescue dogs had in locating survivors and eventually the recovery of bodies. Specially trained comfort dogs were brought in
to help rescue workers and survivors.  The focus is on the valuable roles dogs play in our lives.  From assisting police and rescue personnel to providing comfort to trauma victims.
Joanne Weber, Volunteer, Munising School Public Library

GREAT SHAKES: THE SCIENCE OF EARTHQUAKES by Darlene Stille. Mankato, MN: Compass Points Books, 2009. 48 pages. 978-0756539474. Grades 5-8.

This compact title in the Headline Science series uses newspaper headlines from the New York Times and other notable periodicals to introduce the earthquake event. Expect to find an excellent introduction to earthquakes and the science behind our current day knowledge of these events. From
measuring in scientific terms to human terms, the photos, charts, maps, informative insets and chronology provide enough information to get the grade schooler ready to begin a report on earthquakes. 
Susie Rohrbough, Accordionist and Librarian at large

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