Saturday, February 1, 2014

FROM BIRD POOP TO WIND: HOW SEEDS GET AROUND.  Bearport Publishing:  New York, 2013.  24p. ISBN: 978-1-61772-585-2  Lib.Bdg. $23.93   Gr. 1-3   j575.6

This entry in the well done Plant-ology series focuses seeds. It begins by chronicling the journey of a holly berry seed. The journey begins with a hungry cardinal eating berries from a holly bush. Readers are asked how they think the bird will help the holly bush make new plants. The answer is well explained and illustrated with excellent photography and clear explanations; poop-carrying seeds help the bush by spreading its seeds to a new home. The format continues in each two page spread. There is enough information for reports, but of even more value is the interest this book and others of the series will instill in children. This excellent science book should be on public and school library shelves. Barbara Ward, Retired Children’s Librarian, Dickinson County Library

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