Friday, February 28, 2014

MY NOSE IS LONG AND FUZZY by Joyce Markovics. Bearport Publishing Company: New York, 24p. 2014.  ISBN 978-1-62724-111-3 lib.bdg.  K-2   NF 599.3

Part of Zoo Clues, a new series of animal mysteries for early elementary readers.  The book isolates common body parts of an animal to begin the identification process. Each a close-up photo has puzzle pieces cut out, so as not to reveal too much at first.  Eventually the whole animal is featured and named.  I can't tell the answer, but this animal is a native of Australia - only found in zoos in the U.S. The easy-to-read text is large and contrasts well with background colors.  Non-fiction facts are presented in a unique and interesting format.
Lynette Suckow, Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, MI

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