Friday, March 28, 2014

THE GHOST IN THE GLASS HOUSE by Carey Wallace. New York: Clarion Books, 2013. 229 p. 0978-0-544-02291-1; $16.99.   Juvenile Fiction

The Ghost in The Glass House is a 1920's coming of age story about Clare, a young girl who travels the world with her mother after the death of her father. Her grieving mother, unable to return to their home, ventures to one exotic place after another while Clare dreams of returning home. She learns to read people and anticipate their reactions and responses to the point of knowing what will happen next. Until they land in a seaside summer home on the coast where they are joined by friends for the summer. Clare finds a mysterious glass house on the property of their summer house and resolves to find out why it is locked and off limits. When she gains entry she finds and befriends a ghost boy and falls in love. She finds comfort and safety from her friends visiting for the summer and their cruel pranks in the glass house. They as well are dealing with teenage growing pains and irresponsible parents on vacation.  I found the text a bit wordy at times and the ending left too many questions. I hope there is a sequel coming ......
Charlotte Dugas, retired Munising School Public Library Director

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