Wednesday, March 12, 2014

YOUNG FRANK ARCHITECT by Frank Viva. The Museum of Modern Art:  New York, 2013. 40p. ISBN: 978-0-87070-893-0 hb. $16.95   PreS-Gr. 2    J Easy Pic

The cover of Young Frank Architect caught my eye immediately.  The illustrations throughout the book are done in a eye appealing, simple way.  The story is about young Frank wanting to be an architect just like his grandpa old Frank.  Young Frank uses whatever he can find to make a chair, a building and even a city.  Grandpa thinks that maybe his grandson might not be suited to be an
architect.  So he takes young Frank to the museum.  When they get there it is old Frank that sees that another architect named Frank started off by making a wiggly chair, a twisted tower and even a whole city.  The story should be read with an adult if you ask me so that they can explain that the author is subtly referring to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry.
Mary, @ Spies Public Library

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